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PEANUTS & PISTACHIOS International - Volume 1

Featured are concise articles covering the history and philosophy of these tiny flying models, plus Peanuts & Pistachios photos from worldwide places, five full-page 3-view drawings, including the Bristol Brownie, (short span version), Farman Carte Postale, (lots more wing area than a Pike), Farman Moustique (long-nose Mosquito), and the Corben Super-Ace homebuilt.

Softbound, 8 ½”x II", 16 pages



PEANUTS & PISTACHIOS International - Volume 2

Featured are brief articles on Pistachio philosophy, adjusting Peanuts for flight, and how to photograph your own model aircraft. Included are plans for a Pistachio Bede Jodel and Waterman racer. 3-View drawings presented include a 1928 Mignet Avionette, 1911 Caudron, 1936 Mauboussin, and a TEAM miniMAX ultralight, plus model photos from near and far.

Softbound, 8 ½”x II", 18 pages of inspiration!  



  PEANUTS & PISTACHIOS International - Volume 3

TThis edition features drawings and photos from ten countries to inspire you to higher modeling goals! Articles include: P & P Pointers, Proxy Postal ideas, Spoked Wheels, Pistachio Peregrinations; plans for a Piper Cub, Farman Mosquito, and 19l1 Caudron plus Wedell-Williams racer 3-views, cartoons and more.

Softbound, 8 ½”x II", 16 pages of joy!




PEANUTS & PISTACHIOS International- Volume 4

Worldwide coverage includes many photos, cartoons and plans for the late Walt Mooney's VP-1 Peanut, Ken Johnson's 1918 Hergt Pistachio, and Tonda Alfery's Drzewiecki canard Pistachio. 3-Views offered are: Evans VP-I, Miles Sparrowhawk, Bede BD-4, Bleriot 25 canard, and Amelia Earhardt's Kinner Canary biplane.

Softbound, 8 ½”x II", 16 pages of fun!




PEANUTS & PISTACHIOS International - Volume 5

This international production displays work from Australia, Belgium, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Greece, Japan, USA and Uruguay. Featured plans are the HL-2 Polish Parasol, Kinner Canary, Lacey M-JO and Microplano Veloz. 3-views include the Farman/Farman racer, Botali PAMA, Adlophe Lachassagne A.L.7 and Lippisch Storch IXb flying wing.

Softbound, 8 ½”x II", 26 pages of pleasure!




PEANUTS & PISTACHIOS International - Volume 6

This final edition of P&P includes: Remembering Walt Mooney, Three view drawings for the 1931 Avro Cadet by Ken McDonough, 1909 Demoiselle by Wally Batter, 1911 Voisin Hydro Canard I by Benno Sabel, and the 1911 Nieuport Double Tail by Bill Hannan. P&P plans for Walt Mooney’s Demoiselle and Waco SRE, Jean-Francis Frugoli’s R.Sommer monoplane, and Ken McDonough’s Avro Cadet. Also, numerous photos of models from around the world.

Softbound, 8 ½”x II", 26 pages to enjoy! 



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